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Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Monitored intruder and fire alarms provide you with peace of mind, no matter what sort of property you want to protect. A monitored alarm will ensure there is always someone ready to respond in an emergency, and you will be able to feel very reassured in the knowledge that when you set your alarm every morning a DELA operator is prepared to respond in case of an emergency. If an alarm is raised whilst the alarm system is activated we will act swiftly to contact:

  • Yourself or nominated parties
  • Nominated Keyholders
  • Of course the relevant emergency services

Why DELA Fire and Security..?

  • We answer alarms faster
  • We always have more operators on shift
  • At DELA we use cutting-edge technology
  • And we're always there and 100% reliable

We have many years of experience sucessfully supplying systems to business both large and small... As we're sure your aware many commercial properties, such as offices or shops, will lock their doors at the end of the day. You’ll need to know, immediately, if unauthorised access or a fire is putting your property at risk. A monitored intruder and fire alarm system will do just that and contact the relevant emergency services and your key holder.

Peace of mind...

For total peace of mind, DELA’s alarm monitoring service is the ideal solution for those looking to protect their property, whether a business or a home, from intruders and the risk of an undetected fire

For further information about our Remote Monitoring systems or any of the services we provide, simply contact our friendly team today on 01795 844991 or email us here

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