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Room Integrity Testing

What is Room Integrity Testing?

Room Integrity Testing is required for any gaseous fire suppression system. Gas fire suppression systems work by releasing a gas agent into an enclosure and the gas then either reacts with the fire or reduces the oxygen level which then suppresses or extinguishes the fire. In order for the fire suppression system to work correctly the enclosure needs to hold the gas for a set period (usually around 10 minutes).

How Does it Work?

By creating pressure in the room with a door fan test and then measuring the pressure release period with sensors to a pre-determined level, we can determine if the room has enough integrity to hold the type of gas agent the fire suppression system is designed for.

This test predicts how long it will take for the gas to descend to a certain level without having to carry out a discharge of the system, which can be costly and disruptive.

Does the Test Cause Disruption?

No – people can work in the room and the testing does not affect any equipment in the room. The door fan test equipment is fixed to the main door and may block it for around 1 hour but apart from this you can use the room as normal.

How Often Should I Test the Room?

Any room, particularly Electronic Data Processing (EDP) rooms, tend to get disturbed by building service work and general building work. Should a small hole be made in the enclosure, or the room size changes, then a retest of the room integrity is required. The problem here is that it is almost impossible to tell if your room integrity has changed during any period. This is quite a significant issue as you will have most likely invested a considerable sum in a fire suppression system to protect your business, people and assets and should the room integrity fail then the suppression system may not suppress the fire. Imagine a several thousand pound fire suppression system failing to work due to a small hole being drilled by a contractor! This can be avoided by ensuring the room is tested annually for good room integrity. British Standards recommend that Room Integrity Testing is carried out at least annually to ensure your gaseous fire suppression system will work correctly.

DELA Fire & Security offer an ongoing service package for the preventative maintenance of fire suppression systems, we also offer this service to non-contracted service customers and one off testing..

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